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It is one of the richest areas of Italy in terms of history, beauty and tradition. It is particularly rich in terms of craftsmanship with its ceramics, papier-mâché, wrought iron and embroidery. Folklore is manifested in processions, costume balls and plays. Historically important locations, museums and characteristic villages can be easily reached from agric tourism “Raggio di Sole” by bus or car.

Alberobello, the trulli capital, is part of UNESCO’s World Patrimony of Humanity since 1996.
The monumental area (Rione Monti and Aia Piccola) entirely made up of trulli bestow a fairy-tale air upon it.
Bari (54 Km), the region’s capital, is constituted by monuments and places of notable cultural interest: the Basilica of S. Nicola, the Norman-swabian Castle, the new Stadium of S. Nicola.
In the province there are as much interesting towns as the striking caves of Castellana, the Santa Maria of Barsento.
Near the archaeological ruins and Museum of Egnazia on the Adriatic sea (19 Km), sea views and wide sandy shores follow one another, on which there are the Torre Canne thermal establishments, the chalk-whitened historical town of Ostuni and the “Zoo Safari” of Fasano.
Famous is the Archaeological National Museum of Taranto (45 Km), the city of two seas and a revolving bridge, whose historical center harbours medieval palaces of notable architectural interest.
In the Murgia of the trulli, the Valle d’Itria (9 Km)opens as a wide karts valley offering an especially unique sight: the white spots of the trulli, scattered across the intense green of the crops and vineyards, framed by dry walls.
Martina Franca (15 Km), Locorotondo (9 Km) and Cisternino (18 Km) face onto this enchanted valley.
Matera (45 Km) is known throughout the world for the “Sassi”, a built-up area of dwellings made from caves carved into the tufaceous rock. Numerous studies show the presence of man there since prehistoric times.
The Sassi, made of two districts, Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso, have been part of UNESCO’s World Patrimony of Humanity since 1993.
The Gargano, suspended between sky and sea, means serene Paradise. The Umbrian forest, the lakes of Lèsina and Varàno, the imposing sanctuaries of St. Michele and Monte S. Angelo and that of St. Giovanni Rotondo, where the remains of Padre Pio lie, are the main tourist cultural attractions of this area.

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